Wireless Device Security Testing

Securis360 offers leading-edge Wireless Device Security Testing services to ensure the resilience and strength of the wireless ecosystems. Our professionals reviews the existing Wireless connections available in the premises, execute thorough assessments, pinpointing weak entry-points and applying measures that secure your organization’s wireless devices and networks.


Vulnerability Identification

Identifying possible vulnerabilities in your wireless devices can prevent unauthorized access of the company network and protect sensitive information.

Network Resilience

Ensure that cyber threats do not interfere with smooth connectivity and communication on your wireless networks.

Comprehensive Testing

We take care of testing several wireless devices such as routers, printers, Bio-metrics, CCTV and other connected systems thus providing a wholistic approach towards wireless security.

Customized Solutions

    The process of our wireless device security testing is tailored by Securis360 to fit with the unique requirements of your organization thereby giving a focused analysis for better results.

Why Choose Us

Expert Security Testers: Our team is made up of experienced security testers who specialize in evaluating the security of wireless devices so as to help you develop rigorous e`valuation processes.

Cutting-Edge Tools: Securis360 uses latest tools and methodologies when undertaking their investigation on how secure are the wireless devices they have investigated for security purpose only, staying ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Practical Advice: Receive actionable recommendations to enhance the security posture of your wireless devices, ensuring ongoing protection against evolving cyber threats.

Transparent Reporting: Our detailed reports provide clear insights into the security status of your wireless devices and networks, facilitating informed decision-making and risk management.


Wireless Devices Security TestingReport with details about the observation, risk, severity, business impact and recommendation