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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) focuses on identifying vulnerabilities in the IT INFRASTRUCTURE including network, server, endpoint, etc.

Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services reviews the extent to which organization’s IT infrastructure is vulnerable to the attacks that are realistic and probable. Securis360 has developed a toolset that supports VAPT methodology, allowing us to quickly and methodically collect relevant data. This procedure is a collection of public, commercial and proprietary tools, allowing flexibility and customization for each client’s specific environment. Securis360 will perform an assessment of the IT infrastructure (servers, routers, firewalls, other network devices etc. ) in the internal as well as external network to identify vulnerabilities in the systems.

A brief of the activities to be performed as a part of the assessment are :


  • Gather Intelligence
  • Enumerate Network
  • Interrogate DNS
  • Identify Hosts
  • Identify Hosts
  • Perform ‘Footprint Analysis’ of Network
  • Identify ‘Trophies’

Vulnerability Identification

  • Scan Services
  • Retrieve System Information
  • Assess Vulnerabilities
  • Perform Vulnerability mapping using proprietary Securis360 tools
  • Perform one round of VulnerabilityScanning using commercial tools


  • Validate Identified Issues
  • Link Vulnerabilities
  • Escalate privileges
  • Penetrate Internal Network
  • Exploit identified vulnerabilities using proprietary & commercial tools.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Report with details about the observation, risk, severity, business impact and recommendation.