Mobile Application Security Testing

The objective of this phase is to discover as much information about the mobile application and its associated systems as possible.

Securis360 would conduct

  • Understanding application and its internals.
  • Debugging the Android / iOS based mobile application.
  • Reverse the binary, obtain source code to identifying any sensitive information.
  • Understand the functionality of the application and discover the key areas of focus as per OWASP methodology:
    • Improper Credential Usage
    • Inadequate Supply Chain Security
    • Insecure Authentication/Authorization
    • Insufficient Input/Output Validation
    • Insecure Communication
    • Inadequate Privacy Controls
    • Insufficient Binary Protections
    • Security Misconfiguration
    • Insecure Data Storage
    • Insufficient Cryptography.
  • Understand the authentication and identification mechanism deployed within the application.
  • Understand the data storage mechanism.
  • Understand remote services.
  • Understand network traffic.


Mobile Application Security Assessment Report with details about the observation, risk, severity, business impact and recommendation.