The HITRUST framework, commonly known as the “CSF,” offers organizations a well-defined set of requirements for evaluating their applications and systems. Originally designed for healthcare organizations and their business associates, this approach from Securis360 aids organizations across various industries and their subservice entities in adopting specific requirements spanning accepted frameworks and regulations. This ensures they can effectively address industry challenges related to securing and managing data.

Process offered


Upon the execution of the agreement, the initial stage of the engagement is dedicated to planning. This aims to ensure that Securis360 and the Client have a comprehensive understanding of the "what, who, when, why, and how" before the commencement of the initial testing.

Effective planning is crucial for project success. Securis360 follows standardized processes to encompass the critical aspects of the engagement.

Understanding and kick off

The kick off signifies the commencement of the engagement, featuring a presentation on HITRUST and the outlined project milestones. If necessary, Securis360 will schedule a call at the beginning or just before the kick off to address any pending matters. Securis360 remains accessible to the Client for any inquiries.

Incorporating communication before the start guarantees that there are no eleventh-hour changes to the project or team, and the Client receives the plan ahead of the testing and any on-site visits.

Testing and Gathering

The gathering and testing phase form the essence of the compliance engagement. Building upon the planning and understanding processes, this stage involves the systematic collection of evidence required for the discussed objectives.

Securis360 adheres to a no-surprise policy and maintains continuous communication with stakeholders throughout the testing and gathering activities.

Submission and Certification Process

Following the completion of the gathering and testing phase, Securis360 conducts internal quality assurance reviews to ensure the Client's assessment in the HITRUST My CSF portal is prepared for submission. This includes confirming that the testing aligns with the organization's scores for each requirement.

Securis360 collaborates with the Client to verify the documentation of acceptable corrective action plans (CAPs) for any identified gaps. Additionally, ongoing assistance is provided to address any queries from HITRUST during their QA evaluation process.