Cyber Program Management

Navigate the Evolving Threat Landscape with Securis360’s

Cybersecurity Program Management In today's dynamic cybersecurity environment, building a robust program is crucial for protecting your organization's critical assets. But with constant change and emerging threats, how can you ensure your defenses are keeping pace? That's where Securis360’s Cybersecurity Program Management comes in. Our Cybersecurity Program Management provides an independent review of your organization's cybersecurity policies, controls, and capabilities across key areas like governance, architecture, defense, and risk management. Our experts use a curated methodology to analyse the maturity of your program and make strategic recommendations for improvement.

What is ?


  • Our assessment begins with an in-depth analysis of your cybersecurity documentation, controls, and capabilities.
  • We facilitate interactive workshops with your teams to deeply understand your security posture
  • Leveraging our extensive experience responding to breaches worldwide, we evaluate your program against industry best practices and standards
  • We then develop a detailed report of findings, capability gaps, and provide an improvement roadmap.


  • Strategic guidance tailored to your unique risk profile from industry experts
  • Proactive assessments and recommendations to strengthen defenses
  • Effective budgeting and optimal allocation of cybersecurity resources
  • Enhanced security awareness, accountability and ownership across teams
  • Continuous program benchmarking against best practices and emerging threats

Why Choose Us

With extensive incident response experience, we apply frontline intelligence on attacker behaviours directly into building resilient cybersecurity programs designed to detect, defend, and disrupt advanced threats.


  • Actionable quarterly reports identifying capability gaps and improvement plans
  • Budget oversight, resource planning, and optimization recommendations
  • Effective policies, controls, and initiatives enhancing security posture
  • Executive-level advisory and education services to leadership
  • Optional monthly status reporting and advisory meetings

Embrace Proactive Security with Securis360’s

Don't wait for a breach to expose vulnerabilities. Securis360’s Cybersecurity Program Assessment equips you with the insights and guidance needed to build a resilient and future-proof security program. Contact us today to discuss how our assessment can help you achieve security excellence.