Why HIPAA Compliance?

With the expansion of HIPAA rules to encompass business associates, the regulatory landscape, and the growing concerns over healthcare-related security breaches, business associates face significant risks and exposure.

If a covered entity enlists Securis360 to assist in its healthcare activities and functions, there must be a written business associate contract or another arrangement. This contract delineates the specific responsibilities assigned to the business associate and mandates compliance with the Rules to safeguard the privacy and security of protected health information.

Process offered


Before the commencement of testing, Effective planning is crucial for project Upon the execution of the agreement, the initial phase of the engagement is dedicated to planning. This ensures that Securis360 and the Client have a comprehensive understanding of the what, who, when, why success, and Securis360 follows standardized processes to encompass the critical aspects of the engagement.

Understanding and kick off

The kick off marks the commencement of the engagement. If necessary, Securis360 will arrange a call either at the outset or just before the kick off to address any remaining matters. Securis360 remains accessible to the client for any inquiries.

Incorporating communication before the start guarantees that there are no eleventh-hour changes to the project or team, and the Client receives the plan ahead of the testing and any on-site visits.

Testing and Gathering

The main part of the compliance engagement is testing and gathering. This phase will involve collecting the evidence required for the goals agreed upon during the planning and understanding processes.

Securis360 has a policy of no surprises and keeps in touch with the stakeholders throughout the testing and gathering activities. Moreover, Securis360 will start preparing the draft deliverable to deliver it to the Client quickly after this phase.


The final step of Securis360’s testing method is reporting, but the whole assessment aims to produce a deliverable that is clear, concise, and accurate.

Securis360’s report considers the whole process and tailors a report for each client. The draft report will be delivered at the end of the testing and gathering phase, and the final report will be delivered after the completion of the respective process.